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#157453 - He stroked the boy's hair, a smile coming to his lips as he leaned closer, whispering into the boy's ear I love you too and with that the two lovers slept, comfortable in each others arms while the wind howled away outside the old shack, the sounds of the night soft and muffled as they lay there. Jamie was too lost in the intense pleasure he felt in his ass to notice as his dick grew to about a 10 inches, then 12 then finally a foot and a half, matching the length of Hadriels, then it began to widen, swelling from the 2 inches it had been to a girthy 3 and a half, the head even flattening out to become like a horses, the opening drooling pre steadily now as Jamie kept jerking, his ass flexing around Hadriel's dick. *back to the present* Jamie closes the book and goes back to the design he drew on the floor, no breaks in the pentagram or the symbols, all are correct, he places candles at each point of the star, lighting each one, then he places a dish with an offering

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Stop being mute let them moans out
Fujiko tsubomi
That some goals man
Thanks for delivering my butterfly knife quickly so that i can backstab the heavy weapons guy