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#173422 - I particularly liked an expertly-cut thin pleated chiffon bodice in pale yellow, which draped alluringly over a half-cup underwired bra beneath, also yellow but two or three shades stronger. Oh, with just one tug on one little loop, it would fall away, drifting to the ground like an autumn leaf – it took almost more willpower than I could summon up not to lean forward as she skipped past me, give that one naughty pull, and savour the sight of her sweet naked pussy! The next group to be shown all emphasised layers – but layers so soft, so thin, so insubstantial and so transparent that they were far more erotic when combined than any of them would be separately. Emma’s hands lingered longer than really necessary when helping me into the various teddies, bustiers, bras and panties, almost stroking my breasts and smoothing along my inner thighs.

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Sailor jupiter
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