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#306624 - . Lisa was barely coherent, but she managed to nod her head in the affirmative as a small river of drool ran out of the corner of her mouth! Zoey continued to push the thick little invader in and out of Lisa's pussy, and just as the passion was building to a crescendo pitch Zoey whispered into the panting woman's ear, Do you remember the day you got pregnant? With her head spinning like a top, the poor woman could hardly comprehend a thing Zoey was saying and stammered, W-what did you say?!? I just ask if you could remember the time when you hubby made you pregnant? Lisa made and audible gulp as the suction on her nipples and the humming in her pussy drove her ever so close to the edge, but after giving it a moment's thought replied, Y-essssss, I remember, it was after a party, Dan took me right inside of the entry way, we never even made it to the bedroom! Zoey gave the dildo a couple of quick thrusts before continuing on, Did you cum hard, I mean when he s

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These girls r great 2gether
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Dial me in on a dp my gal loves them
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