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#364383 - . I moved towards her and breathed slowly as i gave her pussy a little kiss and she twitched again, she grabbed my head and pushed it towards her pussy so i began licking her out, she started moaning louder and louder and then blurted out “just fuck me” so i obeyed i kiss all the way up her body until i got to her neck i moved my head to her ear and whispered “i was gonna do this last night” with that i positioned my cock at her entrance and slowly slid it in, i started thrusting slowly while i was kissing her neck, i gradually got faster and faster she started to moan more and more and started to dig her nails into my back she started screaming “immmm gonnna cummmm aaa fuck” with this i started thrusting harder the next was “oohhh myyyy goooddddd immmm cummmming” she moved her hands from my back as i pulled out of her, i gave her a long passionate kiss before pulling my jeans up i took both of her hands that had blood on them from how hard she digging them into me “did you want to ge

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