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#82519 - for a third time the chained women came, this time the three girls stood up they kissed and sucked on the cuffed womens tits, as they did they pulled the dummy shaped but plugs from thier asses and placed them into the shackled womens mouths, lisa sucked on her daughters but plug while kim uncuffed her, jen and michelle uncuffed samantha and sky, the women swapped places, kim jen and michelle chained themselves to the wall while lisa samantha and sky removed the but plugs from thier mouths and pushed them into thier asses, they then got on thier knees and repeated what kim jen and michelle had done, when they had all tongued out each of the girls they stood up and agian like the girls had done to them placed the but plugs in thier mouths, the girls sucked hard on them as they were unchained. me either. ok mommy.

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