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#193022 - I couldn’t stop it, even if I wanted to; it was inevitable. It wasn’t a pee-stain either; no argument about it, it was the remains of a cum-stain! So here I was, standing in the locked cubicle, leaking pre-cum like mad into my own damp Speedos, now barely containing my painfully trapped and engorged tool, and in my hands I had a pair of someone else’s cum-stained swim-shorts! I began wondering if he had actually aroused himself and cum while he was in the pool wearing them. As I desperately clutched my throbbing, pre-cum-soaked organ through the soft camouflage material, my orgasm began deep inside my groin, and as it spread its wave of intense ecstasy up and around my waist and back down into my groin, my balls jettisoned their load in an agonizing series of pulsating spasms that shot my thick white cream into the white mesh gusset of the shorts and through the camouflage outer material into my own hand.

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Made for cum
Airi totoki
Amazing he lasted 8 mins i would have exploded in 2 mins