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#298982 - I told her I loved her and to text me when she got home but an hour later I got a drunken text message from her that sent my mind racing! Hey sis can u pz rggn rich an sy am hme in bd c u tmz! Oh my god, I couldnt believe what I was reading: Laura was spending the night with John, not only drunk and stoned but she wanted her sister to lie to me about it! I immediatley pictured them drunk and stoned at his place alone; it didn't take much imagination to see them flirting and kissing eachother and I knew in my gut that before long it would be laura's knickers that were hitting the floor just like sarahs had all those years ago! I knew I should go around and do something but the image of laura cheating on me with him made my cock hard as fuck and horny as hell! I tried to ring her again but both her phone and johns were turned off. I recognised her then as my mate James' little sister sarah! It took less than a second to register in my head: I started cumming in my box

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