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#7577 - Pain ricocheted through her scalp and skull but she forced herself to take deep breaths and stay calm ‘Hah! Your plan has failed John, I won’t die!’ she called ‘Oh no?’ John asked, Akiba could just about see him smiling and pointing at something. John checked the sword, it swung loosely on the left side of his waist but was in easy reach. However I can’t feel my arms anymore, so I’m going to be fine’ ‘Regardless of that, after a while you will begin to sweat, sweat will leak from your palms and that will make you slip round the pole’ ‘True, but that’s only assuming that I hang here long enough for that to happen’ ‘and how do you plan on stopping something like that?’ ‘like this’ John took advantage of the numbness in his hands, and let go with one hand, raising his legs, pressing them together so that, if he fell, his testicles would reach the grinder first, he hung there for just a second, looking at Akiba with a wide, slightly cheeky, even a little creepy or psychotic grin on

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