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#132707 - in the process you will be turned into a rather handsome woman with a surprise like us'' he started to scream agian as he felt his pelvis shatter and re-form into a more feminen oneand he notticed his dick was all gone now hidden in his body. he looked around him with care takeing specian attention to the python in ins cage to his left. as his cock stired the blonde girl slapped him on his balls and he yelped, suddenly the brunnette spoke her voice sounded like she was either high or possesed ''i am tiffany the owner of the house you wher trespassing in last night.

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Wish i were in her place
I need a brother
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooo uuuuiiiuiiia aaaaa aa aoouiiiiaaaaaa stupid bitch
Heidi is the best i really hope this isnt her last gangbang