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#15954 - com) ********************************************************************** Jessica wasn’t sure what to make of the man standing in front of her after she had answered the door bell to find him standing there holding a large yellow envelope. He then unchained her and led her into the building placing her in a temporary meat-girl holding kennel to await news of her daughters recapture or news of her impending processing. Entering the truck he began to check the girls for damage, in all there were 10 meat anima's none of them were damaged, Ok listen up cow's, we have broken down in the middle of the road from here we will have to walk to the processing plant he said as he started to unchain the cow's hands and legs from the wall of the truck one at a time and then enchained them to the bumper of the truck while he went back in for another.

Read Hetero Renai Akuma 1 - Love and Devil Sex Renai Akuma 1 - Love and Devil

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