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#260707 - He pulls 2 black ropes from under the mattress, the knots are already tied he slides my hands in pulls the end and thats it i'm secure, I being to think, did he plan this, he has obviously down this before, I test the ropes and they don't budge, my mind wanders as he slides down my body pushing my legs up slaps my ass hard and face plants right back into my hot wet cunt, he continues down beginning to lick my asshole, no one has ever licked my ass before it's a odd feeling but I kinda like it, he inserts 2 fingers into my pussy, I can feel another orgasm coming, and then I hear voices, they're calling Chris, dude you home, Chris, man is that bitch here or what, I snap out of it I try to sit up but my hands are tied, Im waiting for Chris to respond but he ignores the sound an continues to tongue lash my cunt.

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