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#169491 - When I look at him and I feel my balls begin to tingle I pull my dick out and cum all over her ass. Daisy- I tell her to start out slow to give it some build up and to start by licking my lips maybe play with them unless you know what person likes she tells me that he Mistress likes her clit to be sucked and I tell her that her Mistress likes to have her g-spot rubbed and that she should do that and she ask how do I found it so I get behind her and insert my finger and I rub her walls until I find it and she soaks my finger and I ask her if she feels the difference I tell her to do it to Daisy while she is sucking her clit and Daisy squirts cum all over my bed and she screams out so I tell her now she knows. D- I almost grabbed that bitch by her throat when she hit Sonya on the stomach my baby is in their he looks at me for real so I tell him I don’t know for sure but she missed her period and I don’t think she has noticed yet.

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