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#184602 - Finally her dad slammed his cock hard into her mom, cumming deep inside her then pumping it in, turning off the vibrator just before Kelli could cum, she saw her mom pass out and her dad checking to make sure she was fully asleep before coming over to the door, winking at Kelli before closing it in her face! Kelli went back down to her room, laying down to go to sleep, her pussy aching from the need to cum, why did her dad have to be so mean?! The next day Kelli went with her parents to church, feeling so dirty with the vibe in her pussy, couldn't her dad at least have taken it out for church? After leaving church they decided to go for a drive in the mountains, Kelli put her earbuds to her MP3 player in and listened to the story of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance while watching the scenery pass by her window, her mom quickly fell asleep while her dad drove up the winding mountainside. Kelli could feel the egg moving around with every move she made, quickly getting he

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