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#177100 - I pulled out my shortest skirt I had and headed out into the garden, I went up behind dad and grabbed him from behind, making him jump, he looked over his shoulder, “Morning sweetheart, how are you feeling this morning” “Ok daddy and you” this was double barrelled as I was saying I was feeling him and he could see it as me asking him how he was feeling, “Me, OH I’m OK too” “Thank you for last night, the show was great and it was so good being just you and me” I could feel my tits mashed against his back, I continued hugging him as he turned to face me, he kissed the top of my head and said it was his pleasure, he then asked me to let him go so he could finish mowing the lawn, reluctantly I did, but not before squeezing him tight. For five minutes he sucked and nibbled my tits then slowly he kissed his way down my smooth flat stomach, instinctively my legs parted as he moved across, my pussy was soaking wet and as his mouth clamped on my little bud I screamed out with pure pleasure

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