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#144564 - “It’s Daddy tonight you little bitch, and you just lost any chance you had of talking yourself out of this!” I snarled, standing up and grabbing her teen body and sitting down on the couch. Rachel smiled, her breathing deep and ragged, “Ohh… I’m sorry Daddy I forgot…” and as she started to press her hips against me, practically humping my leg, she added “I promise I won’t forget again… I promise I’ll be a good girl for you. She looked so young and innocent, she wore a white blouse and a knee length skirt with bright flowers on it and her brown hair hung behind her in braided pigtails, I couldn’t believe that this little girl was the same one who I’d seen with two fingers buried in her little cunt on my phone last night.

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Shakti kareen
I m so glad this was as hot for you as it was for me he turns me on so much
Sachiko ogasawara
Oh that is so perfect you are a hot couple