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#392637 - Davis took him by the arm and led him to and empty chair in the front of the room!!! Please sit down my boy, he ordered, we have a special introductory welcome planned for you, and I'm sure that you're really going to enjoy it!!! Vance's brain was now at least coming to grips with what was going on around him, that is, until out of nowhere, the cute blonde receptionist that he had met on the way in appeared out in front of him, and with a quick deftness that was stunning, she unzipped his pants, extracted his now thickening pecker, and after giving him a sweet smile, took him into her mouth and sucked him off in front of the whole crowd!!! Vance was a married man who had never before strayed from his marriage vows, but this happened all to quickly, and he neither had the time or nerve to turn down this startling invitation!!! All around him the sounds of men and women having incredibly hard climaxes filled the air, and the accompanied by the skillful cock sucking b

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Lord knight
Please do a hentai where we can also see his face and his reaction to the blowjob
Kirari momobami
Melissa moore