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#237771 - Personally, I wouldn’t mind if you came along but you would have to be treated like one of the boys or the whole point of the trip would be lost … but you would be a damned sight better to look at than these ugly bastards” he laughed Shamus has had a crush on me since high school so I expected him not to mind but was surprised when all the others said in various ways that they didn’t care if I came along as long as I didn’t object to what Shamus had pointed out. “My god, she’s taken the whole damn thing!” said someone as the guys bent down to look at my stretched out pussy lips. Maybe they had seen me masturbating? I was about to turn to see who was fucking me but realised I was extremely turned on by the thought that it might not be Rod so I closed my eyes and rocketed to an enormous Orgasm … I had to bite my pillow and bury my head but even so anyone at the campfire would probably have heard me.

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