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#310912 - We have to call the police” “I know, later…please just hold me” I say as he pull me closer whispering he loves me and is sorry. Mm like that do you? He breaths into my mouth, “god you got a hot little body aint ya” his mouth travels back down my neck this time moving lower as he places his tongue on my chest, sucking my left nipple into his mouth and tugging gently, I feel my stomach clench and my juice’s pool against my will between my thighs, looking up at the ceiling I feel my tears start up again. My shaking hands cross over my waist as I grip the hem of my white tank top and begin to lift it up exposing my smooth stomach, then higher to release my naked breasts before lifting it high enough to pull it over my head and drop it to the floor beside the bed.

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Karla kush
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