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#345005 - Shrugging off other guys’ stupidity, I continue to follow the trail with her, we come to a place where the trail leads up a rocky hillside. I chuckle at her and when she brush her raven black hair out of her face she looks up at me with these unfathomable eyes, I grin at her “A bit of rough seas there?” She rests her head against my chest and smile warmly at me “Seems like I fell for your undeniable charms” I chuckle “You’re drunk” She lifts up a finger “Correction, I’m slightly tipsy and very horny. The next morning I get up and make myself some coffee, I open my cabin door and walk outside, sipping on my coffee.

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Suguru kamoshida
Mommy how nice
Rinko shirokane
Wish find girl like that in my bed damm shes gotta