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#293493 - I asked what she wanted to play “Kiss chase” she replied with a smile across her young face, I wasn’t shore, but John said he had more or less promised Kelly we could play. Susan was just as good as Kelly and when I had fucked her for the second time Kelly came and climbed in bed with us, for the next three hours, I enjoyed their young bodies, fucking them a couple of more time’s before I showered with them again and they went home. I rolled beside her and cuddled her close, half and hour later she lifted her head, “Oh Dave, is it like that all the time”? “I don’t know, I suppose it has a lot to do with who the boy is, as to how you feel”, “Well I really, really liked it, can we do it again”? I moved down a little and started rubbing her pussy and nibbling the little bud she had for breasts, I was then disturbed by the door bell ringing, I looked out of the window, it was Susan, I quickly put my trousers and shirt on and went down to see what she wanted.

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