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#31835 - In one quik fluid motion I step right up to Cindy, inches in front of her face, and step out of my shorts and as my now fully erect 7 inch cock bounces into view, it practically bounces off her face! Cindy utters a sharp gasp and a slow hhhoooollllllyyyyy sssshhhhiiiitttt! I look over at Mary to see her reaction, but realize that my body is ubstructing her view. I made some changes to the plot, expanding a scene or two, improving 1 area I thought did not really flow well. She remarks that sex ed in school showed pictures and stuff but this is way better! I just smirk, then its my turn to gasp as mary slowly starts to stroke my length with her fingers, feeling it and learning about it.

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Those injuries tho
Samus aran
I want have bang bang on you
Ash ketchum