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#125398 - “It does not matter where we are the most important thing is we’d be together” A slight blush rushed over her face as the waiter arrived with the menus. I grabbed her by her hips reached under her soft ass and pulled her down unto the edge of the bench to get a better position as I drove my head back between her legs kissing, licking and sucking making my way to her sweet pussy as I got closer I teased her pussy by running my mouth over her then going to the other side of the thigh to suck it the teasing her again by coming inches to her pussy. “On you or more or less the woman I’d be dating” “Hmm… you all men say sweet thing and do romantic stuff just to get laid” “I’m not going to deny that but there are some men like me who do a little more than just get laid” “Really… so you drug them and take them back to you layer” “Haha… one thing is for sure Mrs.

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