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#327420 - She say I tell u it long story but I cut it down (your mom was out with her mate at end of the nite I was chat to your mom when it was closeing time your mom and me was walk we was about 5 mins from your house I see a alley I grab her hair took down push up fench I pull her dress up the slut didn't have any knicker on I fuck her hard and deep cum up her nasty holes befor I let her go I gave her my number she call me couple days later. Say tom not liston and he wasn't stopping talk she look in tom eyes she got up walk round the desk she lock her door told tom to stand up he did she move the chair away from desk she put her hand on his back and push him over her desk she smile and put her hand on his trousers yack them down he was shock and stunned by it she slap his ass saying u won't be a bad boy again wil u tom tom was frozon on the spot he cudnt speak or move she was geting turn on by spanking tom he didn't see her pull her skirt up. Tight no knikers and bra she seld I got meeting

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