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#287416 -   “ Yeah, you little slut, you feel them black inches, all up in that white pussy” James snickered with a grunt of his own as her tight snatch squeezed nicely around his dark rod   “ fuck yes I do, your fat cock is fucking massive” the young girl groan out, grinding her big, round ass into the older mans pulsating manhood. She spotted James once again talking to the movers he hired clearly unhappy with the progress they were making, she strolled by the men catching James smirking at her as she passed,” god he's so smug” she thought to take a look back, she saw him once again eyeing her up licking his big lips like she was a piece of meat he hungered for, she wasn’t gonna lie even a man like James ogling her curvy body was flattering, though she much preferred the attention the other two younger men he was talking too. The two made there way over standing by the railing of his balcony staring out at the view of the river and the bright lights of the skyscrapers in the distance

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