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#340782 - She bent down under the bed and grabbed a strap-on, after taking a few seconds to put it on I felt it go up my ass and again I was showered by the pleasure of anal sex. After a few minutes John’s mom crawled across the bed in front of me and told me to eat her out as I went down I licked around the outer lips occasionally licking her clit, then onto the inner lips were I went all out burring my face like I saw in the movies she was getting hot now I knew she was ready to cum she grabbed a whip and hit my back with it as she moaned “Make me cum already, make me cum now god dam it. As we had just begun to really get into it we went into Johns room turned his computer on and started visiting gay porn sites John was hard again and said he wanted to try anal, I told him that I think his mom will be home soon but he said she would not be home for an hour or two.

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He was gone
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Wow i wish i could participate