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#233768 - ” “ok” Amy replied giving Crystal a pec on the lips and left fully satisfied. She always loved to look at porn when no one is home, she started to look around watching different movies and came across a lesbian movie “whoa” Crystal said she went to click the exit but waited and sat back in her seat and watched these two women make-out and lick each others pussies, Crystal felt interested, Crystal has never had sex with another women or even really thought about it and had boy friends but never even had sex with them but did loose her virginity to her 8inch pink friend as she continued watching and felt her nipples start to get hard she started to rub her nipples she always loved that feeling she noticed she was starting to get wet she licked her index and middle finger and slid them down to her awaiting pussy and started to rub her clit “oh my god” “ohhh yah” she just kept her eyes focused on the screen. She turned on her computer and decided to have a little fun.

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Beautiful darling the hair and glass make u look so gorgeous
Nice job