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#35208 - 'For such an young boy', she thought, 'he sure got some good drawing skills. As she was sucking, except for looking at her son's blissful face, she looked around on some of the posters hanging on the walls - something that made her even more horny, Spider Man etc and whatever the posters where of (she didn't really pay them that much attention after all) reminding her of the fact that she wasn't just sucking any boy's cock, she was sucking her own boy's cock! She'd sucked a lot of cocks in her days, she definitely knew what she was doing, and since the boy was still so young, despite the fact that his mother had been doing this, as well as a couple of other things to him the last couple of months, there was no way he could prevent himself from cuming anytime soon.

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Setsuna sakurazaki
Obrigadinha meu tesao faz me mega feliz saber que tu gostastes tanto assim do hentai s2
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